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ZunZun Musical Presentations

ZunZun's performances are perfect for schools, festival, theaters, libraries, cultural centers and anyplace where families and kids share music.....

- - -

The Musical Watershed- The purpose of this show is to familiarize young audiences with the concept of watershed and the importance of watershed in our lives. The show will cover such topics as conservation, water pollution, habitat and storm drains. The show relies on audience participation and music throughout the show.

- - -

The Rain Forest Sings (La Selva Canta)-A musical journey though the rain forests of the Americas. Songs about monkeys, snakes, jaguars, the rainforest canopy, and an orchestra of birds highlight this energetic show performed in Spanish, English and Portuguese.

- - -

Music of the Americas (Musica de las Americas)-Music from many regions of the Americas are presented on over 30 instruments celebrating the environments and cultures of North, Central and South America.

- - -

Recycled Music (Basura Batucada)-Performed entirely on recycled instruments, this show highlight innovations in instrument making through time from recycled items (steel drums, panpipes) and ends with the creation of a recycled band “Basura Batucada” made from items found around the house (can, bottles, bags, cups etc.). Program highlights concepts about recycling, composting and pollution.

- - -

Songs of the Sea (Canciones del Mar)- On a variety of instruments we celebrate the sea! Octopus flamenco, a fisherman cumbia, tide pool limbo and the creation of a wave salsa band highlight this lively show.

- - -

The Water Beat- Singing, dancing and playing instruments as we learn about how we use water, how we waste water and simple ways to conserve it.

- - -

All shows have the possibility of a larger sound with the inclusion of Bass and drum player.

All shows are 45 -60 minutes and can be completely bilingual Spanish/English if needed.

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