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"Hammock Songs"

Acoustic Pop/Alternative Project

Zunzun has made their first recording of songs not specifically for families or of the Latin fusion genre. The CD is a collection of 12 songs in English, all with intricate harmonies and eclectic mixtures of non-tradional instruments such as charango, ukulele, kena and zampona flutes, pandiero and udu. The songs were written with a quiet acoustic feel which give a nice "summery/hammock" feel. Hopefully these songs bring a sense of joy and optimism for our surroundings both human and environmental.

We sent three of these songs to a songwriter contest put on by Billboard Magazine and Discmakers called the Independent Music World Series and we have been named one of six finalists (out of over a thousand). We are hoping with this exposure, we will have an opportunity to release this cd on a record label and also find possibilities for our music to be played on soundtracks. One of our songs "Foggy Bossa Nova" is being put on a compilation CD called "West Coast Heavy Hitters" which is being distributed to radio stations across the nation.

We hope to have this CD out in stores by this summer. For a glimpse into what this recording is about, listen to the music file "Foggy Bossa Nova" on our music page.

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